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What is VISOM?

V - Voltage
I - Current
S - Solar
O - Operations 
M - Maintenance

V*I = Power

VISOM POWER SOLUTIONS PVT LTD is one point solution for all your power needs, may it be transformer, SCVS, UPS, Solar Inverter ,Solar Power Plants , Home UPS/Inverters etc.
Also from our logo ,you will observe the "I" in is the green energy available from Sun . With the demand shifting from the conventional fossil fuels and nuclear energy that are non-renewable and also due to their harmful environmental effects, solar power has been accepted by the world. Visom Power is aiming at harnessing solar energy and spread its wings faster on the roof top solar plants (both on-grid and off-grid ) and other large solar power projects as EPC contractor. We will provide the high quality branded solar panel, solar inverters, structures, cables, etc so that the customer gets value for hard earned money.

Power is the lifeline of all business, even a small counter needs uninterruptible power to protect business and large companies obviously protect their critical loads, data and processes with multilevel power back-up arrangements . We at Visom, support our clients as consultants so that they get the best value for their investment.

In India most of the UPS suppliers have a monopoly in the market for AMC and the customers pay huge money in terms of AMC charges. Visom Power Solutions is the first Indian Company trying to support the customer by taking AMC of any brand UPS and guarantee the uptime as agreed at an affordable price.

Training is also another wing where we keep continually trying to achieve excellence in the Organization. We have experts across India in optimizing the productivity of an organization with excellent business tools tried and tested methods that will transform your organization to the next level for sure.

Ultimately Customer Satisfaction is the only focus of VISOM POWER SOLUTIONS. In fact, "Customer First" is the mantra for us and it is the DNA of our Business.

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Why Visom Power?

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    Superior Quality Equipments

    Our motto also includes enhancing customer experience and we never compromise on quality of our products. The company....

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    Best in class service

    The company follows Customer centric principle and has a special department dedicated to customer service. This dept....

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    Reliable Technology

    The technology is very safe as we include top quality electronic and electrical components in our products. Even solar....

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    Economic Friendly

    Our idea and solution depends on renewable form of energy, which of course saves lot of expenses and is eco-friendly....

Our Client Testimonials

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    It was great working with Mr.Tripati for our project. Very happy with the work



    Professional company


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    Their service is what impressed me the most. They are always available when needed...

    Murthy Rao


    Got an inverter from them few years back. Highly recommend.

    Shekar Shukla